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HS12100 12.8VBattery Pack

  • HS12100 12.8VBattery Pack

HS12100 12.8VBattery Pack


- Long Cycle Life

   >2000 cycles @80% DOD for effectively lower total cost of ownership.

- Long Service Life

   Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry.

- Built-in Circuit Protection

   Protection Circuit Module (PCM) is incorporated against abuse.

- Battery Storage

   Up to 6 months thanks to its extremely low self-discharge rate and no risk of sulphation.

- Quickly Recharge

   Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency.

- Extreme Heat Tolerance

   Suitable for use in a wide range of applications where ambient temperature is up to +60℃.

- Light Weight

   Lithium battery provide more Wh/kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.


HS12100 12.8VBattery Pack

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